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Kitchen Upgrade Decisions Simplified

A kitchen upgrade will pay off in many ways. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but it will provide you with a room that you will love spending time in. In order to make this room both beautiful and functional, there are many decisions to be made. These decisions are made even more complicated by high pressure sales people and overzealous contractors. Use the following information to simplify the process.

Walls and Floors

The walls and floors are the backdrop of the kitchen. Paint colors should be neutral and suit any home d├ęcor style. Choose a paint that can be scrubbed or consider a painting technique like sponging that will hide the wear and tear these walls are bound to receive. Many floors look beautiful, but they might not be durable. Let quality effect your decision more than price or appearance. Laminate floors can be beautiful, but cheaper versions often chip and crack over time. Tiles and hard woods provide years of dependability.

Appliances and Countertops

Choose your appliances according to what suits your needs and cooking style. These pieces have to be functional above all else. Once you know what you need, select a finish. Classic white appliances work nicely in country homes, retro kitchens, or traditional houses. Try stainless steel for modern and contemporary looks. Select a durable countertop that adds interest to the room like a marble slab from places such as Stone Mart.


Once the walls and floors are complete and the appliances are installed, it is time to add some personality to the kitchen. This is accomplished with the accessories. Start with a center piece for the table or island that sets the tone for the entire room. Wall art and window treatments will soften hard lines, and tools such as copper pans, ceramic bowls, and utensils can serve double duty as decoration. Kitchen towels, accent rugs, and other soft goods will warm up an area that often feels cold and uninviting due to so many hard surfaces.

By simplifying the important kitchen upgrade decisions to the basics, you can think more clearly about what items and surfaces will work best in your home. Your ultimate goal is a functional kitchen that looks amazing.

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