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3 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

One way to ensure your home’s property value remains high is by maintaining its lawn. A well-kept lawn also adds a visually appealing aesthetic to your house where you can confidently entertain or simply sit outside and admire the view. A healthy lawn, for those who have children, is a great place where they can play without the worry of biting pests. Your lawn, therefore, must remain hydrated, but if you do not have the time for this task, a professional in irrigation systems st louis can take care of that for you.

Whether you decide to carry out the duties of maintaining your lawn yourself or to hire professionals, here are three ways to keep it healthy.


In addition to water, your lawn’s grass must be fed. Pests, weeds and vermin also must be kept at bay. The fertilization process allows the grass to grow green and healthy even when the seasons change. If you hire professionals to handle this chore for you, they can use a variety of treatments that prevent insects from spreading, repel vermin and do away with weeds. If you desire the freshest grass possible during the spring and summer months, these preparations deliver the best results when executed in the fall.


After your lawn is watered, it is important that excess water is properly drained. Accumulated water over long periods of time do not just present a problem for your grass; it can also cause issues for your home. Your home’s foundation can be compromised and any other plants in the vicinity can be killed off. You can handle the drainage of excess water on your property as a do-it-yourself project, but you are advised to ensure all areas are properly inspected to prevent surprises. If you opt to have professional set up your lawn’s irrigation, though, they may also be equipped to set up proper drainage.


Landscaping your lawn not only helps you keep it aesthetically pleasing; it can also serve as a reminder to conduct maintenance up-kept. In between landscaping, you will want to ensure that you are properly mowing the grass. Remember to avoid scalping it by cutting it too short and always use sharp blades for best results.

Lawn maintenance is an important responsibility of home ownership. Your lawn can be kept healthy through proper fertilization, water drainage and landscaping.


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