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Tips How To Refinish The Maple Ground

Maple flooring are powerful thus last for a long period. While this is actually the case, they often lose their own shine with time thus you have to refinish all of them. To refinish them you must do the subsequent:

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You need to start through inspecting the ground and figure out whether it requires some patching or even complete refinishing. If it requires patching you need to apply the protective ground finish that is made for maple. If the ground needs total refinishing you need to go on and start the actual refinishing procedure.

You should begin by removing furnishings and walls hangings after which fill all of the gaps at the conclusion of cedar planks. You also needs to fill the actual cracks within the flooring. The very best product to make use of is ground putty. You need to allow the actual putty in order to dry completely after which sweep as well as vacuum the ground.

You ought to seal from the room utilizing plastic or even fabric decrease cloth. You need to use the cloth to pay for the entrance, heat and ac vents.

Then you should make use of a drum sander as well as course-grit sandpaper in order to sand the actual floors. When the floor is free from bowing you need to go using the grain; nevertheless, if the ground has bowed portions you need to go from the grain. You need to move in a steady pace and become cautious how the sander does not hover in a single section.

You need to sand the whole floor such as the room sides. When you’re done using the sanding you need to vacuum the area and after that buff the ground using an electrical buffer. Following buffing the actual maple floors should create sheen.

When the thing is sheen you need to know that the ground is ready and today you ought to apply spot using rags beginning with the edges. If there’s any extra stain you need to remove this immediately. For perfect results you need to change cloths often. When you’re done you need to allow the actual stain in order to dry totally.

Once dry you need to seal your own floor utilizing a water-based urethane sealer. You need to apply the actual sealer utilizing a foam applicator dealing with the feed of wooden. You should permit the floors in order to dry with regard to 24-48 hours after which replace the actual furniture as well as place all of them at their own usual location.


This is the way you ought to refinish the maple ground. While that you can do the work by yourself, it’s recommended that you simply hire the actual services of the professional to be able to have ideal results.

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