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Pro As well as Cons Associated with Pre-Finished As well as Unfinished Hard wood Floors

Whenever installing hard wood floors, there tend to be two main kinds of units that you could go along with: pre-finished as well as unfinished. Pre-finished hard wood floor is seen as a stains as well as seals. Unfinished hard wood floor however is unaltered-it’s generally untreated wooden that was not sealed or even stained. These two kinds of floors include their benefits and drawbacks:


One from the major benefits of pre-finished hard wood floor is actually that you don’t have to sand or even finish this. This function saves a person money while you only have to install it and begin walking onto it immediately.

Many pre-finished floors are often finished along with durable complete which helps to ensure that the ground retains it’s look for a long period. In the majority of the cases, these floors include warranties that vary from 5-25 many years. The long lasting finish additionally makes the actual floors well suited for home along with kids as well as pets.

The benefit of unfinished ground is that you could easily complement it towards the already current floors. You may also easily personalize it together with your desired colors and appear. Since a person apply your own desired complete after installing the ground, you can seal the actual cracks that may come up throughout the installation procedure.


Because you can’t close off cracks within pre-finished hard wood floors, it’s generally hard to wash between the actual cracks. In some instances, pre-finished floors are apt to have beveled edges which may be unpleasant to check out.

Another drawback is how the units do not hide protrusions or additional irregularities within the sub-flooring; consequently, if your own subfloor offers issues, the problems will end up being easily mentioned.

Unfinished hard wood floors demands sanding as well as finishing that is an additional expense for you personally. When you need to do the completing, the wooden takes weeks for this to dried out. There can also be unpleasant smell in the home.

Since incomplete floor needs to be nailed or even stapled about the subfloor, you cannot install it within the basement.


These would be the benefits and drawbacks of pre-finished as well as unfinished hard wood floors. Whatever the floor that you simply choose, you should make sure that you take excellent care of it for this to keep its excellent look for a long period. This calls that you should regularly thoroughly clean your ground. You also needs to work hard to safeguard the ground from building dents. That you can do this through placing pads at higher traffic places.

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